“I charge my client for a 500-word article. Now the client has asked me to write 250-300 more words to include necessary information. What should I do?”

Recently, a freelancer reached out to me with this query.

Let’s call her Ankita.

Ankita charges a lump sum to her client to write 10 articles of 500 words each.

Every now and then, the client asks her to stretch the article to 750-800 words to include necessary information or expand upon a point.

Since Ankita doesn’t charge on a per word basis, she can’t invoice her client for additional words.

Also, she isn’t sure how to say NO to the client’s request politely.

Many freelance writers face this problem where the client requests or orders them to exceed the pre-fixed deliverables.

This problem arises majorly when you don’t discuss the WHY behind deliverables expected by the client.

If the client reaches out to you with a requirement of 500-word articles, don’t quote them a price straight away.


  • Why do you want me to restrict the article length to 500 words? 
  • Is it because you want the average reading time to be 2-3 minutes for your readers? 
  • Do you want to provide an overview of all points or elaborate on just one point?

Probe into your client’s mind by asking intelligent questions and discovering the WHY behind their requirements.

Suppose, the client says, “Yes, I want to provide an overview of all points instead of going into too many details.”

Later, when he asks you to write additional words to elaborate on a point, you can tell them, “Hey, we agreed upon an overview of all points in an article. If you want to detail down on a point, I can write a separate article on the topic.”

This way, you can politely say NO to your client’s request.

Unless it’s a one-off request, don’t accept unrealistic requests or orders from your clients.

It will hurt you in the long run.

Always ask intelligent questions, discover the WHY, and gain clarifications at the beginning of your assignment. 

Have you ever faced a similar problem? How did you tackle it?

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